AMRON Condo Remodel in Pacific Palisades

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AMRON’s clients decided to completely remodel their circa 1970’s condo.  AMRON gutted the entire unit and put in new electrical, plumbing, support beams, floor, ceilings, walls, drywalls, bathrooms, kitchen, walk-in closets, windows, doors, molding, and deck resurfacing.

The new AMRON design build kitchen features custom built upper and lower cabinets, new Thermador appliances, quartz counter tops and marble backsplash.  The following are 3 photos of the condo before it was refurbished.

AMRON’s remodel included new wall additions / layout throughout the units with new interior solid core 1 3/4″ doors/jambs and hardware, finish plumbing, finish electrical and ceiling fixtures / recess lighting, finish tile, and all miscellaneous finish work required to complete the unit. The AMRON remodel also included new drywall, oak flooring, and paint.  The following are photos show the condo upon completion of the project.

AMRON opened up the kitchen to the living room and hall to fully utilize the space and light coming in from the ocean view.  The kitchen features a window seat next to the dishwasher and an independent island with lots of cupboard space.  The engineered support beam by the kitchen island replaces the support wall.

The flooring is engineered oak wood.

For this AMRON design build bathroom, AMRON installed new shower lath, custom built cabinets, quartz counter tops, tile backsplash and mirror frame, nickel platted fixtures, and marble shower, walls and floor.

AMRON tore out an outdated wet bar and media center in the living room and used the reclaimed square footage to build a brand new walk-in cedar closet with recessed lighting, floor to ceiling full length mirror, and oak floors for the Master Bedroom.  Check out the following photos of the walk-in closet.

The guest bathroom has the same light and airy motif as the kitchen and master bathroom with marble walls and floors, nickel platted fixtures, quartz countertops, AMRON custom made cabinets, and tile backsplash, mirror frame, and bathroom floor.

To add ambiance to the living room area, AMRON utilized the wall space where the old media center had been, and designed and built a marble, gas fireplace as shown below. Note, the new, sliding glass doors to the balcony, as well as, recessed lighting, oak floors, throughout.

For an expert approach to your construction needs, AMRON has the skill, experience, and creative touch to build your project from the ground up.

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AMRON: Builder of Award Winning Design Project

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Recently, an AMRON built project received the Grand Award for Residential Design via the Concrete Masonry Association of California and the American Institute of Architects of Southern California.

AMRON Construction

AMRON is passionate about building, and AMRON’s ingenuity and technical expertise made this award winning design come to fruition.

AMRON Construction

To see what makes this AMRON built project unique, read on!

AMRON Construction

The studio was built in a remote location with no crane access; and yet, AMRON successfully erected the six ton roof structure.  The AMRON team balanced extreme steel angles and its massive weight on four mid-center points.

AMRON craftsmen at work in symphony creating aesthetics, not sound.

The architect’s dreams came to fruition with AMRON’s knowledge and abilities – A true team effort.  AMRON can build any dream from simple to complex designs.

AMRON’s site work complemented the structure and vice versa, and integrating commercial concepts into residential design construction enhanced the integrity and enabled creativity.

The structure was recently built, but it appeared as though it had been there for many years – a blending of the old and new.

AMRON Construction


AMRON Construction

For an expert approach to your construction needs, AMRON has the skill, experience, and creative touch to build your project from the ground up.

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Beautiful Bathroom Remodel by AMRON

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When it comes to designing & building a space our clients love, AMRON does it right!  The following is a peak at the final product, but read on to see what it takes to make it happen!

AMRON’s client purchased a 1930’s fixer upper, complete with vintage tiles, knob & tube electrical wiring, cast iron plumbing, and jerry-rigged structural beams.

The bathroom ceiling was so low, AMRON’s client had to stoop to take a shower.  The cast iron plumbing and knob and tube electrical wiring was antiquated and hazardous, and the rickety support beams consisted of odds and ends nailed together.

AMRON began by gutting the bathroom ceiling, walls, and floor; tore out the tiles, plumbing, electrical wires, and jerry-rigged beams.

AMRON’s electrician and plumber installed modern electrical and plumbing. AMRON’s carpenter installed up-to-code beams to reinforce the building’s structural integrity. The interior walls were also replaced.

AMRON’s tiler laid marble tile throughout, including a herringbone, marble tile pattern on the bathroom floor. The detailing is simply elegant!

The results: a light, airy open space, allowing fresh air and exterior sunlight to shine through the vintage stain glass window and bathe the entire bath area!

Our client is well over 6’7″. By gutting the bathroom and getting rid of all the outdated plumbing in the ceiling, AMRON picked up much needed, additional space: now our client can stand tall when taking a shower! Note, the smooth plaster ceiling and recessed lighting.

Take a peek at our tiler’s beautiful, inlaid tile, shower shelving.

AMRON added custom built cabinets & countertops to complete the bathroom.


“We’ve worked with AMRON on several projects including bathroom remodels, plumbing replacement, deck rebuild, structural work and more. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience. Bob and his team are professional, so kind, so hardworking and are perfectionists. The client is #1. They stand behind their work and aren’t happy unless the client is. We wouldn’t work with anyone else.”

For an expert approach to your construction needs, AMRON has the skill, experience, and creative touch to build your project from the ground up.

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AMRON Designs & Builds a New Garage

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AMRON Designs & Builds a New Garage

AMRON’s contemporary new garage construction is so sleek and pretty it warrants a new car to match! Let’s see how AMRON designed & built it.

First steps: AMRON checked city requirements, produced and finalized structural and engineering drawings with the city, and obtained a city building permit for the project.

AMRON prepared the pad and installed the forms for the concrete pour.

AMRON brought in the concrete truck to pour 14 cubic feet of concrete in two separate pours.

On the first pour, AMRON poured the concrete for the footings.

Next, AMRON poured and placed the concrete for the garage slab on grade.

AMRON workers smoothed the concrete.

AMRON framed the new garage construction.

Here you can see AMRON’s finished concrete slab, the framing, and the exterior stucco lathing.

AMRON electricians wired the new garage construction and installed the fixtures.

AMRON wraped the garage exterior with metal lathing for the stucco.

AMRON installed the interior garage drywall, garage door, and garage door opener.

AMRON applied smooth stucco for the final finished touch!

The finished garage side view shows the footings, exterior lighting, and garage door.

This garage corner view displays the sheet metal, gutter, and down spout that directs water away from the building, protecting the new construction against water intrusion damage.

AMRON’s new design build garage is ready for the client’s vehicle.

For an expert approach to your construction needs, AMRON has the skill, experience, and creative touch to build your project from the ground up.

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AMRON – Your Earthquake Brace & Bolt Contractor

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Did you know that your home may be eligible to receive up to $3000.00 for Earthquake Retrofit?  The California Earthquake Brace & Bolt (EBB) program is encouraging home owners with older homes to get their homes retrofitted by providing financial assistance to homeowners in selected zip code neighborhoods.

The consequences of an improper earthquake retrofit or of not strengthening an older home can be devastating.  More than 1.2 million houses in high-hazard areas are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes because of the type of construction.  These homes were typically built before 1979, wood-framed with a raised foundation and have a cripple wall in the crawl space under the house.

In an EBB retrofit, the cripple wall is strengthened with bracing and bolting or with bolting only, depending on the house foundation. With bracing, plywood is added to the cripple walls to strengthen them and to help prevent the home from collapsing.  With bolting, anchor bolts are added in the crawl space to help prevent the home from sliding.

Eligible homeowners can apply for retrofit funding from January 23 – February 23, 2018, at  As a FEMA trained, registered, and participating EBB general contractor, AMRON is at your service to assist you with the application process and to answer your questions. Please call AMRON at 310-384-2042.

Is it Time for Your Balcony Maintenance?

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Is it Time for Your Balcony Maintenance?

So you want to live in California, which is what most people in the United States think and / or desire. Our California homes are constructed with a great deal of open spaces, and in particular most homes in Los Angeles are constructed with large open balconies and decks. For years, most residents who live in Los Angele’s homes and condominiums have enjoyed these open balconies for barbeque, sunning, exercising and storage, but have thought very little about construction maintenance. Yes, balconies and decks require construction maintenance.

1 Old Deck and RailsRecently, there has been a rash of media coverage about homes, condominiums and even apartments whose balconies have experienced structural fatigue and sometimes failure. Most, if not all broadcasted events concerning balcony collapse and / or being on the verge of collapse could have been prevented.

Most individuals who live in LA and enjoy the amenities of balconies and decks have little or no concern for balcony and deck construction maintenance. Yes, if one resides in a residence that has a balcony, it’s time to take heed. Most balcony decks built in Los Angeles were constructed with materials such as 1”x 6” wood sheeting over 2x floor joist, with an oil base felt membrane beneath a product called magnasite. Most of the balcony decks in this city were built over thirty or forty years ago, and the construction products being used then were the state of the art for construction at that time.

But, the same construction product used back then is not considered a viable product today. Today, the old 1X6 sheeting materials would be considered too flexible and produce too much of a trampoline effect for safe and durable construction. In its place, we now use ¾” CDX plywood.

Years ago, the felt underlay product that was used for the balcony deck was an oil base construction product that has a tendency to dry out and crack. In all cases where this product was exposed during demolition of an older balcony deck, the product always exhibits deterioration from the years of the sun’s heat and the winter’s cold. Over the years, the felt materials could not withstand the constant extremes and would always dry out, and breakdown. We now apply a seven-layer construction product that can withstand the extreme differences of the heat / cold and still produce a greater life span. 10 Layers of Desertcrete18 Waterproof and color coat sealer

The breakdown of the aforementioned older products that were used for balcony / deck construction greatly contributed to balcony fatigue and failure mainly due to not controlling the penetration of moisture.

Our bodies are close to ninety percent water and we require the liquid to survive; but once our buildings are constructed and completed, each drop of water that penetrates the building outer coverage, invites doom.

AMRON is here to help you protect the structural integrity of your balconies and patio decks. For more information or to request a balcony deck inspection, please call us at 310-384-2042.

“The pictures are very representative of the quality work AMRON does. Every owner in our condominium was extremely pleased with the results. It is indeed a rarity that all owners agree about anything. My research for the very best company was well worth the effort.” T. Lehn

For an expert approach to your construction needs, AMRON has the skill, experience, and creative touch to build your project from the ground up.

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Water, Water Everywhere: Where You Don’t Want It

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It’s a fact that hillside homes stand a greater risk of environmental damage. Natural elements find their way into the seams between walls and foundation, often causing an array of problems. Water is one element that poses particular risk, especially to the foundation of homes. It can spell disaster for many older structures, whose foundations were built without consideration of the way rain cascades freely past gutters towards sublevels. Instead of letting nature have its way, it’s essential to create an irrigation system that redirects water collected at sublevel out into the earth and away from the home. And with meteorologists predicting the next big El Niño, there’s no better time to ensure the safety of your home than now.

Located on the Laurel Canyon hillside, Lookout Mountain is a residential community. AMRON was contacted by a homeowner experiencing water damage and mold; the home’s interiors had been soaked due to the rain and other natural conditions, and hydrostatic water was traveling to the lowest spot in the house, seeping into the basement and collecting year round: a ticking time bomb. The homeowner had more or less given up on the basement room, having spent years applying different things to the walls; this actually created more problems than remedying the original one.

After inspecting the property, AMRON decided that it was necessary to install a waterproofing system with a leech line system to remedy the home’s water damage. This would allow the rainwater to drain into pipes and travel into the ground away from the home, thus alleviating the root of the problem. We also saw that it was necessary to repair the damage already done.

To begin the project, AMRON first dug out a perimeter around the house—8 feet by 30 inches wide. This acted as the road map for the irrigation system; pipes were then set into place. Wherever these pipes daylighted, they were directed towards a sub-pump, collecting the water and carrying it out into the street.

Material was then placed along the walls of the basement to collect any water that had come down from ground level. At the base of the sub level’s exterior, three-quarter inch gravel was placed to create a void between the outside and inside of the home, further securing the home from water damage.

In the final stages of the project, AMRON repaired damages to the concrete. By applying a high quality sealant that absorbs into concrete and seals water off from the interior, we were able to aerate the entire sublevel with a heating system to dry the walls. Finally, insulation and drywall was applied to the finished product.

The project was a five week job that included two weeks of digging—totaling to a full seven weeks on site. AMRON was pleased to hear that the homeowner experienced no further leaks or water damage after the job was done. The room is now in use and its future looks bright.

If you haven’t had your sublevel inspected and are noticing evidence of mold, salts, and/or water, don’t wait any longer. Call AMRON (310-384-2042) to schedule a complementary inspection of your residence or building.

Concrete Foundation Issues – What You Need to Know

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AMRON does a significant amount of cast in place concrete for commercial and residential structures and has gained a tremendous respect and understanding of concrete products.

Most recently the market for concrete foundation retrofitting has gained a foothold in the housing repair market mainly because affordable housing is now generally houses ranging in ages of 50 to 70 years old. This well-constructed period house is built with materials of full measurement lumber, where a two-by-four wall stud is really measured as a two-by-four inch wood member.  In today’s construction, a two-by-four wall stud really only measures one-and-five eights by three-and-five eight inches. This significant difference in the size of material can impact the integrity of the structure.  Yes, some of these old darlings are well built and have stood through many of the past monumental earthquakes and exhibit little structural damage. The older building premise was to build a solid house that would stand the test of time and some have accomplished this feat with one exception: concrete foundations.

Most structures in this age group have some type of concrete foundation issues, mainly caused by the intrusion of moisture and/or the blatant disregard of not protecting the buildings substructure from water. Water is the staff of life, but to a buildings foundation, water is its certain doom. For instance, the collected water that cascades from the structure’s roof through the gutters and downspouts strategically positioned around the building and is allowed to drain uncontrolled on the property. One would think that the concern is only water that eventually dries up and disappears.  But remember: just as water erodes mountains over time, so water intrusion erodes foundations over time.

This aforementioned downspout rainwater positioning is one of the most common disastrous conditions one could allow to be enacted on one’s property. From the very first time this condition is allowed to occur–this might have been twenty to thirty years ago–the beginning of the end had doomed the building’s foundation. The farther back in time the occurrence had been allowed to exist, the greater degree of damage has taken place to the structures concrete foundation.

A client contacted our office and requested that we assess their structure’s concrete foundation because he started to notice white powder on areas of the foundations steam wall. Sure enough, the effervescence was leeching from the concrete materials itself and the integrity of the building was impaired.

This owner was fortunate, the adverse water/concrete footing problem was eradicated before any major damage was done and the water problem that caused the matter was corralled by installing a collecting system of below grade piping that was attached to each rain downspout and channeled to the street gutters.

Installing the collecting system ended the water problem on this property and insured extending the life of the concrete foundation for years to come.

If you haven’t had your foundation inspected recently and are noticing evidence of wear and tear such as discoloration, warped flooring, wood rot, cracking, or white effervescence on the concrete, don’t wait for it to be too late. Call AMRON (310-384-2042) to schedule a complimentary inspection of your residence or building.