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Like most things that are significant in our lives, it’s knowing who to contact in an emergency. When one requires medical assistance, one contacts his / her trusted doctor or dentist. When one requires automotive repairs, one normally has had the experience of dealing with a specific mechanic.

Living in California and especially in Los Angeles is very gratifying because of our climate; but there is an element of this environment that one must be cognizant of, and that is earthquakes. Should one require construction services, be it preventative or for actual repairs,

Who Would You Call?

Responding to the community’s needs.

AMRON’s owner, Robert Williams, was heavily involved as Operation Manager for alleviating the debris of massive distribution in the city of San Francisco and surrounding areas after the Northern California Loma Prieta quake, and was instrumental for removing the Embarcadero freeway in the heart of the city.

Robert Williams managed a team to remove and rebuild several sections of the city of Oakland’s 580 and 880 freeways, correcting earthquake damages to several freeway overpasses, and correcting damages to several office building and homes in the San Francisco bay area.

The education acquired from the experience of working in such a large earthquake damaged environment was phenomenal: to have gained the on-site, firsthand experience of removing massive entanglements of steel rebar interlacing in concrete rubble, and to have witnessed the disruptive forces that impaired the integrity of modern engineering has only enhanced the knowledge of building, repairing or providing preventative measures to structures exposed to possible earthquakes.

If one were to ask the question of how many managers/owners of construction companies have participated in such an event as a major earthquake, and gained the on-site and firsthand knowledge of working in the devastation of such an event, the answer would be,

Not Many.

AMRON – Your Earthquake Brace & Bolt Contractor

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Did you know that your home may be eligible to receive up to $3000.00 for Earthquake Retrofit?  The California Earthquake Brace & Bolt (EBB) program is encouraging home owners with older homes to get their homes retrofitted by providing financial assistance to homeowners in selected zip code neighborhoods.

The consequences of an improper earthquake retrofit or of not strengthening an older home can be devastating.  More than 1.2 million houses in high-hazard areas are particularly vulnerable to earthquakes because of the type of construction.  These homes were typically built before 1979, wood-framed with a raised foundation and have a cripple wall in the crawl space under the house.

In an EBB retrofit, the cripple wall is strengthened with bracing and bolting or with bolting only, depending on the house foundation. With bracing, plywood is added to the cripple walls to strengthen them and to help prevent the home from collapsing.  With bolting, anchor bolts are added in the crawl space to help prevent the home from sliding.

Eligible homeowners can apply for retrofit funding from January 23 – February 23, 2018, at  As a FEMA trained, registered, and participating EBB general contractor, AMRON is at your service to assist you with the application process and to answer your questions. Please call AMRON at 310-384-2042.