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Hospitals in Inglewood

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AMRON Construction Management Services (CMS) assists owners with establishing a fundamental understanding and methodology in approaching a potential project. AMRON CMS creates conceptual projects via design and cost analysis with present industry unit assumptions. AMRON CMS then establishes construction documents that create visualization for the potential overall project’s duration and financial ramifications. This allows the client owner flexible options to bring the project to realization. Once the project becomes a reality, efforts are then synchronized via project scheduling /cost containment to bring the project to completion.

AMRON CMS Services:

  • Project Conceptualization
  • Value Engineering
  • Design
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management
  • Material and Labor Logistics
  • Site Safety in Inglewood
  • Government Negotiations
  • Government Compliance

AMRON CMS Market Expertise:

  • Hospitals in Inglewood
  • Senior Living Complexes in Inglewood
  • Education Facilities in Inglewood
  • Campus Housing in Inglewood
  • Industrial in Inglewood
  • Justice / Correctional Facilities in Inglewood
  • Entertainment / Public Assembly
  • Sports Arenas in Inglewood
  • High Rise Office Buildings in Inglewood
  • Subterranean & Semi-subterranean Parking Structures
  • Major Highways & Bridges in Inglewood
  • Tenant Improvement in Inglewood

AMRON CMS Projects include:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers Renovation Study, Los Angeles, CA
  • Embarcadero Freeway dismantling, San Francisco, CA
  • Pacific Electric Building & Lofts, Sixth and Main, Los Angeles
  • Ocean Towers, Santa Monica, CA
  • Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles
  • Home Boy, Los Angeles
  • Bethany Baptist Church, Los Angeles
  • Candle Stick Park, San Francisco
  • Peter York Towers, San Francisco
  • Post International, San Francisco

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